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            แอพ โหลดเกมฟรีทุกเกม

            Join millions of content creators and transform your PDFs into SEO-friendly embeddable flipbooks, social stories, email graphics and more. From one to many - create once, share everywhere.

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            An illustration showing how a PDF can be transformed into social media stories, email graphics, flipbooks, and mobile articles.

            Trusted by unique and leading brands

            Distribute content across every digital marketing channel

            You’ve got beautiful content. Issuu is the place to launch it to the world. Import your designs and instantly create derivative assets for web, mobile, social, email and more. With Issuu, what used to take hours now takes only minutes.

            Automate your content marketing

            The fastest way to digital. Publish your marketing collateral, magazine, brochure, catalog, or newsletter to the web in a few easy steps. Import a PDF, grab a link to your flipbook and go. Or embed it in your website, blog, or LMS - no IT support needed. Even generate revenue with commission-free Digital Sales.

            Issuu also integrates with your favorite tools such as Adobe InDesign, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Mailchimp for a seamless workflow.

            Automate your content marketing, graphical user interface with various integration logos

            Bring flat designs to life

            Go from static to magic. Wow readers with embedded videos - even set to auto-play as people land on a page! Add links to your website, eStore, or blog and better connect with your audience, plus reap the SEO rewards.

            Bring flat designs to life, graphical user interface with shopping links, videos and like button in magazine

            Repurpose content into exciting multi-channel campaigns

            Issuu deconstructs your designs into reusable bits. Select your favorite images and text and create shareable articles, GIFs for emails and social, and even motion-graphic social stories. All automatically scaled for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

            Remix content, graphical user interface from shopping, social media logos and mobile device

            Issuu is for all kinds of content

            Check out a few of our favorite examples and get inspired.

            A complete solution for sharing digital content

            Create online content assets

            Create marketing assets

            Enhance with videos and links, icons

            Enhance with videos and links

            Embed in websites icon

            Embed in websites

            Measure your success icon bar graph

            Measure your success

            Sell digital subscriptions icon with dollar and euro

            Sell digital subscriptions

            Promote to new audiences, megaphone icon.

            Promote to new audiences

            Collaborate with teammates icon

            Collaborate with teammates

            Integrate with other solutions icon

            Integrate with other solutions

            Looking to read instead of publish? We've got you covered.

            Check out the Issuu reader marketplace to discover millions of magazines. From travel to fashion, motocross to pets, arts & crafts and so much more, find it on Issuu.

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